Gamescom 2012 Preview: Skylanders Giants
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Gamescom 2012 Preview: Skylanders Giants:
Anyone paying attention to the development of the original Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure would not have been too surprised at its success with younger gamers. The ‘catch’em all’ mentality that has appealed to kids since the dawn of time (or at least advertising) was masterfully utilised by Activition.
For those who don’t know, Skylanders is a simple dungeon crawler. It released a long side a range of toys, which due to the magic of NFC could ‘transported’ into the game as playable characters. The question now though is if the sequel, Skylanders Giants, can convince gamers to buy dozens of figures a second time?
Skylanders Giants big innovation (both figuratively and literally) is the introduction of the giants. Both the toy and in game character are nearly twice the size of the original characters, with all the strength and power that brings. This combines with eight new normal sized toys to bolster the original 32 characters (who will all be compatible with the new game) to give a total of 48 models to collect.
It doesn't end there though. The new line of toys will see twenty four of the old characters rereleased in new posses, including some with will be able to light up thanks to LEDs for extra ‘mum I want’ value. All (new and old) toys will have their level cap bumped from 10 to 15, but only Generation 2 models will benefit from an extra new move from this once they reach the new cap.
Gameplaywise little is changed. The world map and game engine seem basically unchanged bar new the standard new environments and characters. Local multiplayer will also make its return with drop in drop out co-op, and a verses mode for kids to pit their Skylanders against each other.
With eight giants (one for each elemental type) you can be sure kids with any kind of game system will be pestering their parent for new toys until well into next year. Still, at least on the plus side Activision assured us they would be better prepared for the rush this time, meaning that at least flustered parents won’t have to cue outside Game waiting for the day’s delivery.