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Earn Points For PlayDevil's 'Point Shop'
Last updated on May 31, 2009 11:56. Page viewed 8915 times.

Welcome to the "Earn Points" page.
In the new v2.0 we've introduced our "Point Shop". For our launch, we have worked together with the biggest game publishers like 'Microsoft', 'Activision, 'Nintendo', 'Sony', 'Electronic Arts', 'Atari' and many more, to offer games, goodies and gadgets for our readers.
That's right, when you do an action on the site, you'll earn points. And these points can be traded in for some awesome rewards!
General Related Points
  • Register yourself FREE on '': 30 points
  • Make a comment (on news, articles, vids, screens, etc): 5 points
  • Submit a blog, video, screenshot, and downloadable content:: 25 points
  • When something you submit is viewed: 5 points
  • Rate content (news, games, articles, videos, etc): 5 points
  • Vote on a poll: 5 points

These are some of the "points" that we add to your profile as a reward for your actions. There are still a few more like "agree on a comment", "view a profile", etc.

Forum Related Points
  • Post in a forum: 10 points
  • Start a new thread: 20 points
Besides earning points for your actions, there are also a few costs where you'll loose some of your points.
  • Watching a video: -5 points
  • Download a file: -20 points
Other costs are mainly when something gets deleted because its inappropriate, offensive, etc. Please make sure that this doesn't happen.
We want to make " v2.0" a fun and exciting place and we also know that your time is valuable, so our way of saying thank you for using our site is by offering points for your actions.
You will need to create a free account in order to start taking advantage of our reward points.
If you want to know what you can trade for your points, please visit our "Points Shop" (also available when you select "Home" -> 'Point Shop').


PlayDevil v2.0

PlayDevil v2.0

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