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Life Is Strange
90% - 358 days ago

Geometry Wars 3: Dim...
80% - Dec 23, 2014 14:53

Halo: The Master Chi...
90% - Nov 17, 2014 15:29

Hyrule Warriors
80% - Oct 10, 2014 14:38

90% - Jun 12, 2014 15:08
Alan Wake
Added by KrisWB

Assassin's Creed II
Added by KrisWB

Pro Evolution Soccer ...
Added by Boss $ lax

Fable II
Added by Boss $ lax

Added by Applejak
Sleeping Dogs
Wanted by rockchalk917

Trials HD
Wanted by futuristic

Guitar Hero World Tour
Wanted by niky16

Wanted by keoskey

Uncharted 2: Among Th...
Wanted by Applejak
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 Game  Genre
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
After Burner: Climax
Take to the skies and experience blazing speeds in the world’s fastest fighter jets!

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: SEGA
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
AQUA Naval Warfare
AQUA – Naval Warfare” is a stylish arcade-action shooter with numerous tactical elements, driven by an entertaining story with beautiful hand-drawn comic sequences.

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Games Distillery
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Blacklight: Tango Down
Blacklight: Tango Down is set in the near future and revolves around a special operations military group called “Blacklight.” Blacklight is the SECDEF’s (Secretary of De [...]

Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
Developer: Zombie Studios
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Players will take on the roles of some of the most elite field operatives in the US. CIA Special Activities Division officers are the teams sent in on real-life black operations when no one [...]

Publisher: Atomic Games
Developer: Atomic Games
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
In Crysis, gamers will travel to 2019 where a team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery on an island in the South China Sea. All contact with the team is lost when the North Korean G [...]

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Crytek
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
Duke Nukem is back! New York City is being overrun by a mutant menace and it’s time to de-worm the Big Apple. This explosive 3D action game features Duke Nukem defending the city that [...]

Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: 3D Realms
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Fusion Genesis
Humanity has taken its place among the stars . . . only to find itself scorned by the alien races and fighting over a startling discovery that threatens the balance of interstellar power for [...]

Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Starfire Studios
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Galaga Legions
The original Galaga captivated players all over the world, and now ... it's back with Galaga Legions! But this isn't just a boring remake! Featuring table-turning game dynamics, super-slick [...]

Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: Namco Bandai Games
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Gatling Gears
It’s up to gamers to take on the role of Max Brawley and suit up in his Gatling Gear mech to embark on an epic mission through 30 unique areas to save the planet and defeat the Empire in [...]

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Vanguard
 Xbox Live Arcade   Shooter
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
Developed by the industry veterans at Bizarre Creations, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, the sequel to the smash hit, takes players on an all new adrenaline ride through six different action [...]

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Bizarre Creations
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Hard Corps: Uprising
Hard Corps: Uprising follows the soldier, Bahamut, as he begins to rise in strength and write his legend. Multiple game modes allow seasoned pros to show off their skills and enable genre ne [...]

Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
King Of Fighters: Sky Stage
This "Real Martial Arts" shooting game takes to the blue skies as six of your favorite "The King of Fighters main characters fight to stave off the resurrection of Orochi. Eac [...]

Publisher: SNK Playmore
Developer: Moss
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Mark Of The Ninja
  A ninja is powerful yet fragile. Quick but deliberate. Mark of the Ninja is a stealth platformer that puts you in control of a Ninja who's clan is in danger of extinction. Observe yo [...]

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Klei Entertainment
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond
General Neutronov, one of Matt’s nemeses has reactivated all of Hazard’s greatest enemies from classics like Matt’s original adventure, The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Lan [...]

Publisher: D3Publisher
Developer: Vicious Cycle
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
MicroHexon Research has invented a transformative medical technology: autonomous nanotech machines that are no larger than a blood cell. When injected into the body they target and eliminate [...]

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Naked Sky Entertainment
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Miner Wars
Miner Wars is a 6DOF underground and space shooter played in a fully destructible environment and is a combination of single player story game and MMO. As a player, you operate an advanced [...]

Publisher: Keen Software House
Developer: Keen Software House
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Monday Night Combat
Monday Night Combat for Xbox LIVE Arcade is a class-based, third-personshooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future! It blends intense combat, finishing moves, and gameshow- [...]

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Ubisoft Bulgaria
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Moon Diver
Developed by feelplus inc., Moon Diver was created by Koichi Yotsui, the visionary game designer behind one of the most iconic arcade action games of the last two decades, Strider®. While [...]

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: feelplus
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
Perfect Dark
Agent Joanna Dark hit the ground running in Perfect Dark, an epic tale of galactic conspiracies in 2023 America. Now this classic shooter comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade, rendered in greater defin [...]

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: 4J Studios
 Xbox Live Arcade  Shooter
R-Type Dimensions
“R-Type Dimensions” combines the genre-defining coin-op classics “R-Type” and “R-Type II,” with a twist. Although classic gameplay remains untouched, &ldq [...]

Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Tozai Games
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PlayDevil v2.0

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Game Rating:
1. Rock Band 2
Platform: Xbox 360
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Harmonix Music Systems

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Wa...
Playstation 3

4. Assassin's Creed II
Xbox 360

5. Battlefield 1943
Xbox Live Arcade
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