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The Legend of Zelda:...
90% - 353 days ago

Lost Planet 3 Review
90% - Oct 1, 2013 14:29

Rayman Legends Review
90% - Sep 13, 2013 10:52

Tom Clancy's Splinte...
90% - Sep 10, 2013 09:45

BioShock Infinite Re...
80% - Jul 30, 2013 07:39
Bjorn - Admin - 18 hours ago
XO review of The Walking Dead Complete S2 now online.
Bjorn - Admin - 6 days ago
PES 2015 Xbox One review ready and ONLINE!
Bjorn - Admin - 6 days ago
New X360 review: ESCAPE Dead Island is now online. really escape it!
Bjorn - Admin - 16 days ago
Our GTA V review is here , PS4!
Bjorn - Admin - 16 days ago
New PS4 review: Never Alone
Bjorn - Admin - 19 days ago
Xbox One review of Far Cry 4, read it now!
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Blu-ray Reviews
 07/01: Feature: PlayDevil's G...
 22/02: Feature: PlayStation 4...
 12/10: Dust 514 – Jon Lander ...
 03/11: Evolve Big Alpha Preview
 18/12: The Walking Dead: Seas...
Latest Comments
 Re: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Review
Oct 17, 2013 14:39 - PES 2014 Competition!PlayDevil is giving away 2X PES 2014 PS3 copies with a nice gadget! To win a PS3 copy of PES 2014, all you have to do is send us a PM with the answer to the following question:- Why should we give you a free copy of PES 2014 ?That' [...]
 Re: Lost Planet 3 Review
Oct 7, 2013 11:11 - Competition CLOSED!Thanks to everybody who joined our Lost Planet 3 Competition.The correct answers:- Lost Planet: Wayne Holden- Lost Planet 2: No main characterWinners will get a PM today in their inbox! 
 Re: Lost Planet 3 Review
Oct 1, 2013 14:31 - We offer our readers a "Lost Planet 3" COMPETITION ! That's right. You can win yourself a FREE PS3 or X360 game!We have 2x PS3 and 1 X360 game available for this competition so all you have to do is (register if you haven't) and answer this f [...]
 Re: The Last Of Us Review
Sep 2, 2013 16:10 - Yep, next big game that will shake ground is Beyond Two Souls from David Cage (Heavy Rain developer).
 Re: The Last Of Us Review
Aug 11, 2013 18:45 -  Love this game got it day it came out.

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PlayDevil v2.0

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The Walking Dead: Season Two XO Review
The Walking Dead has finally launched on Xbox One and PS4 – does playing on the new consoles provide any benefit?

Posted 18 hours ago by Staff
Comments (0)

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review
Dragon Age had a mixed time on the previous consoles. The first game was [...]
2 days ago

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review
The Pro Evo series has sat firmly in the shadow of FIFA for much of the [...]
6 days ago

ESCAPE Dead Island Review
Whilst Deep Silver's A-Team are hard at work on Dead Island 2, series sp [...]
6 days ago

Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Review
Grand Theft Auto V is back and looking better than ever in its next-gen [...]
16 days ago

Never Alone Review
Never Alone is a decidedly new voice in a well established medium, and f [...]
16 days ago

Far Cry 4 Review
Ubisoft employ an 'If it ain't broke' mantra with Far Cry 4, delivering [...]
19 days ago

The Walking Dead: Season One XO ...
The Walking Dead has finally launched on Xbox One and PS4 – does playing [...]
22 days ago

Tales of Hearts R Review
With its excellent writing, endearing characters and killer soundtrack, [...]
23 days ago

Assassin's Creed: Unity Review
Assassin's Creed returns to a decidedly simple formula in a much more he [...]
24 days ago
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Latest Comments
Re: Rayman Legends comi...
Dec 13, 2013 08:50 by IanBear
 Also with added Snoop...

Re: Pro Evolution Socce...
Oct 17, 2013 14:39 by Bjorn - Admin
PES 2014 Competition!PlayDe...

Re: Lost Planet 3 Review
Oct 7, 2013 11:11 by Bjorn - Admin
Competition CLOSED!Thanks t...

Re: Lost Planet 3 Review
Oct 1, 2013 14:31 by Bjorn - Admin
We offer our readers a &quo...

Re: The Last Of Us Review
Sep 2, 2013 16:10 by Bjorn - Admin
Yep, next big game that wil...
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