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Deadpool seems like the perfect protagonist for a videogame. But is this 4th-wall breaking, loudmouth mercenary’s game actually any good?

Posted by Staff on Jul 26, 2013 10:56 (Jul 26, 2013 10:56)

Written by: Ian
Pole Position?
"Deadpool" seems like the perfect protagonist for a videogame. But is this 4th-wall breaking, loudmouth mercenary’s game actually any good? Whilst High Moon studios has been widely praised for their Transformers games, I’ve not been as convinced by their work, especially their movie tie-in. With the chance to concentrate purely on action and leave driving behind, Deadpool seems like as good an opportunity as ever for the studio to carve out a niche for themselves…
I’m not exactly a comic book fan, but I know the major characters, and Deadpool sits pretty much on the periphery as a more ‘B’ grade character – one I’d heard of, but never really seen in any capacity. I don’t know who may have voiced the character before, but the game sure starts by making a big deal of hiring Nolan North, the prolific VO actor, to play Deadpool, all voiced in game.
From there things only get more bizarre as Deadpool holds High Moon to ransom to make a game about him, which at various points runs out of budget and other ‘hilarity’, whilst having a central theme of tracking down the evil ‘Sinister’, who looks like the cheapest bad guy ever.
Various X-Men and other Marvel heroes crop up for mostly meaningless chat, although at least they are all introduced by a nice video. Some of the writing in Deadpool can be genuinely pretty funny, and the cut-scenes definitely proved a few laughs, although it is all incredibly crude. In a comic issue, I’m sure this is fine, but in a 6-7 hour game, the constant dick-jokes wear pretty thin, and even start to repeat (or at least blend into one).
Deadpool screenshot #1
Deadpool plays somewhat like a hyperactive combination of Dynasty Warriors and God of War – think the combos, juggling and environments of GoW, crossed with the huge numbers of enemies and massive combos of the DW series. If, on paper, that sounds like a good mix, then unfortunately prepare to be more than a little disappointed.
Without the massive bosses or skill required for God of War, and without the strategy and scale of Dynasty Warriors, you’re left with a game that has some stylish action, but soon gets pretty repetitive and suffers from a lack of depth, leaving you mashing at the buttons to defeat wave after wave of identikit bad guys.
There’s only about 4-5 standard enemy types, most of whom you’ll just fight endless generic waves of over and over for about 45 minutes until the level is complete. Coupled with the fact there are a mere 7 levels of actual gameplay, and you don’t even get very much game either, although by the end it’s already worn pretty thin.
Deadpool screenshot #2
The achievements and level setup clearly encourage multiple playthroughs, but beyond further increasing the arsenal available to our red-suited friend and a few achievements, there’s little real incentive to actually play the game again.
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