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Get ready to fight wars.

Posted by Staff on Dec 21, 2012 10:27 (Dec 21, 2012 10:27)

Written by: Alex
EA seems to be on a constant offensive to steal Activision’s CoD cash. With Dice’s Battlefield gaining an increasing toe-hold within the ‘traditional’ gaming community, it falls to Medal of Honour to chase the Hollywood blockbuster crowd.
With "Medal of Honour: Warfighter" they certainly seem to be hitting all the right notes. Developer, Danger Close, have been in consultation with serving Marines to get an authentic feel. Plus, with the Frostbyte engine at their disposal, Warfighter certainly looks the part. But can it really hope to gain ground on the goliath that is Black Ops 2?
Terrorism, world in peril and politics; the main thrust of Medal of Honour: Warfighter will be familiar to all who have played an FPS set in the modern era. It does try to introduce a few wrinkles to the formula to make it stand out however; sometimes these work in its favour, and sometimes they do not.
Perhaps the most pervasive and damaging twist Warfighter brings is its timeline. Through out its tale Warfigher seems to be jumping all over the place, making the story more than a little hard to follow. Moving between a few key characters it fast becomes disorientating, managing to distract from any real engagement with the plot.
Warfighter’s inability to settle and create a coherent story makes its other twist on the genre lose what could be a potent addition, a personal family story. All of the CGI cut scenes that punctuate the action focus on Preacher’s (one of the lead protagonists) failing marriage, breaking through the standard bravado of similar games. It adds a human element the action that is rare in a genre so intent on explosions and bombast, so it’s unfortunate that the real impact is lost in the confusion of the narrative.
Of course, the story of Warfighter is only really present to provide an excuse to move from one theatre of war to the next, which it does well. Moving between a number of (mostly predictable) locations, all of which look the part, it is certainly hard to accuse the game lacking variety. Unfortunately it feels like a smaller, more tightly told, tale would have been more of a benefit to the narrative’s more interesting, personal, goals.
I do not play many FPS games, but even to me MoH: Warfighter is instantly familiar. It handles and plays like so many other console shooters of recent years that there is little to differentiate it. All of the buttons do what is expected, and the slight auto aim is within a few degrees difference of every other shooter. That is not to say it feels bad, it is reactive and feels solid, but it does nothing to break new ground and feels generic.
Medal Of Honor Warfighter screenshot #1
For all of its adherence to control and location conventions however, Warfighter does manage to offer a few elements that give a taste of something new. One of these (while not unique) is the effectiveness and empowerment that leaning from behind cover provides over similar games. Sniping too is given a twist with distance playing a major role, requiring the notches on the sight be used to compensate for bullet drop.
Breaching is also given a (upgradable) twist, with a variety of options available for breaking down
doors. This is a little laughable, as the starting skill… kick… seems to be more than enough in most cases. Indeed all of the breaches (even those using explosives), still need to swift kick to finish them off, making it all seem a bit unnecessary.
Medal Of Honor Warfighter screenshot #2
Most impressive of Warfighter’s additions to the standard formula is it’s driving. Rather than simply being turret sequences, scripted fantastical moments that fill the screen with explosions, Warfighter gives full control of its vehicles. These feel great, and looks even better, as you chase down fleeing targets. While tightly scripted (like the rest of the game) these sequences add something rarely seen in military shooters. It fits well and, while not as good as a dedicated driving game, is certainly the high point of Warfighter as an FPS.
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