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DARK (X360)
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Playdevil spent a few frantic days in Cologne checking out all of the latest titles at Gamescom 2012. Here's another preview hot off the press!

Posted by Staff on Aug 30, 2012 11:39 (Aug 30, 2012 11:39)

Written by: Staff
Gamescom 2012 Preview: DARK:
Are vampires still cool? Honestly I am not sure; they still have that Lord of Shadow thing going on with overtones of bondage, but then they sparkle. Cool or not at least Dark, from Kalypso, looks to be going for the whole bondage side of vampire fiction.
A third person stealth action game, Dark seems to have a lot visually in common with the Darkness. A sketch art style and grim colour pallet give it a distinctly comic tone, despite being an original story; well, as original as any Nosferatu fiction can be. Of course a need for blood and ferocious adversity to sunlight are all present, but it also draws on more recent popularized versions of the myth; such as the hub world-come-nightclub, with pulsing music and lights, giving things a very Blade like feel.
Dark’s hero is basically a ‘nice’ vampire (you know the kind that raids blood banks); others however are less friendly to mortals with some factions, even hunting humans for sport. The friendly vampires take umbrage these more violent types (mostly because it compromises their safety) and set about trying to shut them down.
Fortunately to help in this battle each vampire has abilities linked to a specific element type, and our hero takes his from the power of shadow (handy in a stealth game). Using these skills is able to perform a range of teleportation moves that allow him to travel short distances, unseen, instantaneously. As his powers grow these can be chained together to cross even longer distances, even incorporating instant kills at the end of each jump. Powers cannot be used indefinitely however and each of these single hit kills drains energy that can only be regained by drinking blood. This would seem easy enough, but sinking teeth into flesh (even bad guy flesh) is not a quiet business and quickly gives away position, requiring careful planning to successfully navigate the each area.
Still very early in development, there was clearly much to do. Many of the HUD elements are yet to be implemented and the environments on show, offered no sense of place with everything artificially set at right angles to each other.
Still the promise of RPG style upgrades, and the fact it just looks different from most other upcoming titles, means that Dark could prove an interesting curiosity when it releases in February for PC and 360.
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    US: February 15, 2013
    EU: February 15, 2013
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