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Supremely good? Or another average RTS offering

Posted by Staff on Jun 22, 2010 14:56 (Jun 22, 2010 14:56)

Written by: Mark
Real Time Strategy:
Real time strategy (RTS) games seem to have struggled to make an impact when it comes to console gaming and it would be fair to say that the game style has always been best suited to the PC format. Despite this it has not stopped developers from releasing a variety of RTS titles across the various next gen systems admittedly to mixed responses.
The latest game to be released in the genre is the multi format "Supreme Commander 2" which is the sequel to the fairly average Supreme Commander released in 2008.
In this review we take a look at the sequel on the Xbox 360 to see if the game has made significant progressions from it’s predecessor and if it proves an RTS game worth owning.
Supreme Commander 2 takes place 25 years after the first game and since the end of the infinite war and during this time the three warring factions have kept peace. However this is about to change as the president is killed causing yet another civil war.
The leaders of the three factions are former classmates with the player taking on the role of UEF commander Dominic Maddox who has found himself fighting to protect his family. The second commander named Thalia Kael is warring to bring her faction back to former glories which they once had before the infinite war. The final of the three is the son of the army commander from the first game named Ivan Brackman whom is representing the Cybran army and is fighting under strict orders from his father whom is now nothing more than a brain in a jar.
Supreme Commander 2 X360 screenshot #1
Throughout the single player campaign the game throws up various plot twists although if I am honest it rarely excites and one can anticipate how the story is going to pan out from a very early stage. Despite this the story is passable and certainly much better than the original game.
Graphics & Sound:
Lets be honest here, RTS games are never going to win any prizes for their graphical style and more often than not can prove to be pretty dull affairs. Supreme Commander 2 in many ways follows this tradition however the games environments look impressive and offer a fair amount of variety.
As an added bonus is the ability to zoom in and out of the action which although not a new touch to the genre certainly helps appreciate the surroundings in which battles are taking place.
Despite the very good environments the majority of the graphics are nothing stunning and this is highlighted by the very average cut scenes which do let the graphical style down somewhat.
Sound wise again is nothing special with the voice acting average at best and battle sounds fairing slightly better. One aspect which stands out with sound is the orchestral musical score which does set the scene pretty well and is reminiscent of various sci-fi movies.
Supreme Commander 2 X360 screenshot #2
The major thing with any RTS game is that it must provide a good balance between gameplay, strategy and accessibility and I am glad to say that Supreme Commander does this very well.
Although I confess to be not the biggest fan of the genre I found that the game had a tight feel to how it plays with it not seeming too intimidating. This is where it differs from the first game in that it is simply far easier to get to grips with and you will soon find yourself building bases and forming attack and defence patterns with relative ease and it seems that the developers have taken on board the countless faults from the first game and improved on them ten fold.
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Supreme Commander 2
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3309. Supreme Commander 2
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